Don't Lose Yourself


Don't Lose Your Self Blog Post

Things are different now, right?  Although it may seem like we have more time, there are many of us who feel like we have less time.

Juggling business, schoolwork, virtual meetups, the weekly gauntlet of shopping, are all adding to the pressure of keeping well indoors and not being constantly distracted by the ever-changing situation.

So, in all that finding time for yourself, it can feel like another thing to add in and therefore, likely to drop to the bottom of the list.

We spoke with Health Coach, Joanna Shurety, of Shurety Coaching, who offered some great advice on how to look after our wellbeing whilst in isolation.


Don't Lose Yourself Blog Post

Before qualifying as a Health Coach, Joanna worked an incredible 20 years in HR and Operations working with companies in construction, technology and government. So she understands all too well the daily stresses we all face. 

Joanna now works with one-to-one clients and businesses on a number of wellness topics.

Keep it simple and keep it small

Joanna's advice is to keep things simple, keep it small and do things that are for YOU!

Incorporate things into your day that do not require much time, effort or planning.

So here is what Joanna suggests.


Listen to a Podcast

Don't Lose yourself Blog Post

You could listen to a podcast on your daily walk or simply walk and observe nature and your surroundings. Walking with others is also beneficial to our wellbeing, however, at present, we must adhere to the social distancing rules.

There are many free podcasts available to download.

Radio Headspace Podcast, The Mindful PodcastDr. Rangan Chaterjee Podcast and The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast - just to name a few - are podcasts that focus on health, mindset and selfcare. 


Make bath time special


Don't Lose Yourself Blog Post

Give yourself an extra 10 mins in the bath and make it as luxurious as possible – use the expensive bath stuff that usually comes out for a ‘special occasion’, read a magazine, have a glass of wine – whatever makes it feel like a treat!

We recommend Join Handcrafted Luxury Bath Salts to Restore and Nurture, Ilāpothecary Quiet Start Body Scrub and Ilāpothecary Beat the Blues Bath Oil.



Join Handcrafted London Bath Salts - Restore Ilapothecary Quiet Start Body Scrub  Join Handcrafted London Bath Salts - Nurture



Go to bed earlier and read

Don't Lose Yourself Blog Post

Reading helps us to fall asleep as it enables us to just switch off. Try going to bed 15 minutes earlier to read your favourite book and whilst in your bedroom, create an atmosphere that encourages sleep. 

Candles, room sprays and diffusers with essential oils help to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Essential oils, lightly scented candles like Join Handcrafted Lavender Soy Wax Candle and room sprays such as Ilāpothecary Beat the Blues Room Spray help to create a relaxed atmosphere. A cup of relaxing herbal tea like Kypwell KypCalm Herbal Tea also helps to calm you down at bedtime.



Join Handcrafted Vegan Soy Wax Candle - Lavender   Ilapothecary Beat the Blues Room Spray  Kypwell KypCalm Herbal Tea



Our favourite book at the moment is The People's Book Prize finalist novel Pivotal, by Novelist Nikki Vallance

"When a mysterious bequest throws each of the four into chaos, they seek support in the guise of hypnotherapist, Dr Kath O’Hannon. Through a process of self-discovery, their new-found knowledge weighs heavily, as they unpick four decades of life choices. They could accept the windfall, yet if they do, something entirely unexpected lies around the corner…"


Nikki Vallance Authour of Pivotal


Visit Nikki Vallance Author to listen to her read excerpts from her book during her Storytime sessions every Thursday at 4:30pm BST.


Stretch, Meditate and practice Mindfulness

Don't Lose Yourself Blog Post

Incorporate in your day a bit of stretching, some meditation and mindfulness if possible. You could do this outside or whilst waiting for the bath to run, dinner to cook, or for the kettle to boil.

Breathing exercises also help to reduce stress and tension and can be done anywhere. Take a deep breath in through your nose and count to four. Then release the breath slowly through your mouth for four counts. Repeat 3 to 4 times. Then simply concentrate on your breathing and the sound of your breath. Try to concentrate and notice the soles of your feet, toes, legs, fingers, palms, arms, shoulders and head. Then relax. 


Look after yourself 

Don't Lose Yourself Blog Post

Do your hair, have a shave, exfoliate, massage some luxurious body lotion onto your skin, give your feet a treatment or have an at-home manicure.

Conscious Man Fuzz off Gel, Conscious Man Absolute Shower Gel for hair and body and Conscious Man Bounders Body Lotion are the perfect natural, organic and sustainable selfcare products for men. 


Conscious Man Fuzz Off Gel  Conscious Man Absolute Shower. . Conscious Man Bounders Body Lotion


Antonin B Paris unisex products are professional hair care at home. Achieve healthy and luxurious hair with their award-winning Ceramides Desert Hair Serum and Intense Honey Butter treatment for healthy and luxurious hair.

Ethically Organic Floral Git Set consisting of Floral Body Oil, Floral Body Souffle and an anti-aging Face Oil all with Omega, 3, 6 and 9, is truly indulgent and so good for your skin.


Antonin B Paris Ceramides Desert Hair Serum and Intense Honey Butter       Ethically Organic Floral Gift Set


If you'd like to try an at-home manicure, Nailberry nail varnishes are easy to apply, quick to dry and give a Gel look finish. 

They are 12 Free From, Toxin Free, Breathable, Vegan, Halal Certified, Gluten Free and Cruelty Free nail varnishes with no compromise on colour, shine and quality.

All you need to achieve the perfect manicure at home is a Nailberry Nail FileBare Essentials Base Coat, a wonderful pop of colour with Love my Nails Git Set, Shine & Breathe Top Coat for amazing shine, finish off with Dry & Dash Lacquer Drying Drops and then apply Ilāpothecary Smelling of Roses Hand to hydrate and nourish your hands. 


Nailberry Bare Essentials Top & Base Coat  Nailberry Shine & Breathe Top CoatNailberry Dry & Dash Lacquer Drying Drops 


New to our 'Guilt Free Beauty and Wellbeing' collection is ELYTRUM. Their Revive Body Brush, Luxury Long Back Brush and Foot & Nail Brush are all handmade from sustainably sourced natural plant fibres. Body brushing helps to increase your blood circulation, promote lymphatic flow and remove dead skin cells for clear and radiant skin so you can feel good and look good too!


ELYTRUM Revive Body Brush  ELYTRUM Luxury Long Back Brush  ELYTRUM Foot and Nail Brush


Doing something small that keeps you feeling nice will lift your mood, increase motivation and energy.

Whatever you do, having one thing for you each day (however small) will improve your resilience without a doubt.

The more you can do the better, BUT BE REALISTIC!


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  • Fab advice and thanks for the mention. I’m planning another shop of your gorgeous products very soon.


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