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Hello and welcome to Origins of Beauty's very first Blog post! It has been a long time coming so here we go! 

 My Story

I am Gayathrie, the Founder of Origins of Beauty and I am so happy to finally bring this segment to you.

I am pleased to have re-launched my website and I am happy with the results and the flexibility in design and functionality that I have at my finger tips!

To be truthful, I lead a very hectic life. It is not an easy task trying to run a business and a household (as I'm sure many of you can relate to) but it's absolutely worth it.

I am a mother of two lovely boys both of whom I utterly adore, wife to a husband that I am so thankful for, daughter to a mother that I must give thanks to for her continuous support (Love you mum!), sister to the most supportive siblings and daughter-in-law to in-laws that I am very grateful for. 

This is my world. 

I must admit that I have surprised myself since I started my business journey as I never really thought of myself as an entrepreneur. I was most likely in the midst of a midlife crisis when I turned 40 as I felt the need to do something different with my life and that a change was necessary.

My husband would frequently travel abroad for work and as a result, he was not present a lot of the time. I felt the strong desire to be around my children more and to be a constant figure of support to them. For me, working in an office job for 10 years and the stresses of my personal family life became the lifestyle I did not want for myself and my family.  It was time for the dynamics to change.  

So I channeled those feelings into positivity and asked myself "What would I be happy doing and still be there for my family most of the time?", and that is how Origins of Beauty came to be! 

The Birth

Origins of Beauty was born out of my love for healthy living (heavily influenced by my mother of course!) which eventually lead to an interest in natural, plant-based beauty, skincare and wellbeing products. I love beauty and healthy living and I cannot believe that for years I used products on my skin without questioning the ingredients they contained and the materials they were made from! Like everyone else, I naively trusted the manufacturers of the products. 

I eventually thought to myself, "If I will not consume something that is not good for me then surely I should not use harmful ingredients and materials on my skin!" 

That was an absolute game changer for me.    

Origins of Beauty was also born out of my desperate desire to achieve a more flexible work and family life whilst still being able to contribute to a household income. This is a balance that many women of today thrive to achieve, especially as mothers. We are not quite there yet but I hope that we will be one day as we sure are trying our utmost!

  The Ethos 

Today's consumers are smart and care immensely about what goes into and onto their bodies. We all want transparency and we all want to be healthy, to live longer and to look young and beautiful for longer! 

The name of my business is a reflection of my belief that health AND beauty are derived from nature's ingredients, hence Origins of Beauty!

My wish is for Origins of Beauty to convey a positive message. This is why I have chosen to retail natural, sustainable and ethically produced products -  free from harmful ingredients and animal derivatives whilst respecting our environment. For me, ethical also means that communities benefit from the production of these products and that workers rights are respected, good working conditions and practices are adhered to and our planet is not compromised. 

I sincerely believe that the preservation of our beautiful planet is imperative to our survival. This is our home and without it we would cease to exist.

All of these factors combined is the essence of Origins of Beauty.

Origins of Beauty is my baby to nurture, to grow and hopefully be proud of one day!

I am pleased to bring to you natural, vegan, cruelty free, halal and eco-friendly brands that share the same ethos.

All products featured on the website are researched, sampled and tested by myself and they are products that I feel safe and happy using and I can assure you that I do use them!

I am a very private person and to be out there in the public eye and on social media is so daunting to me.  Therefore, you will rarely see pictures of me posted on the various social media platforms but I will make an appearance from time to time.

There have been countless times also (I cannot tell you how many) that my finger hovered over the 'Publish' button of this first blog, that has been ready for many months, but I hesitated. However, I am slowly beginning to feel more at ease with it all.

I hope that you will enjoy the content of our Blog as well as shopping on the website and I look forward to engaging you with lots more exciting articles!

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