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Origins of Beauty Top 5 Products Veganuary


Welcome to our first blog post of 2020 - a New Year, a New Decade and a New Beginning.  We hope that you've all had a wonderful Christmas and saw the New Year in with hope, gratitude and positive affirmations.

It's Veganuary, the perfect time to celebrate Veganism and to try out a vegan diet or vegan products if you never have before. 

To help you on your journey and on your road to discovery, we have chosen our Top 5 award-winning go to Vegan products for you to try this Veganuary!


Kypwell Gentle Herbal Cleansing Foam


Kypwell Gentle Herbal Cleansing Foam


This beautiful, unique and subtle fragrant face cleanser is a must have in your skincare routine.  You definitely get a sense of Kypwell's natural and organic credentials from the very first use of this product as is the case with all of their products.  

Kypwell Gentle Herbal Cleansing Foam is enriched with calendula, cypress, plantain (yes you read it right!), chamomile, elder flower, geranium and lavender.  It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and its holistic blend of herbs work to effectively cleanse, nourish and calm your skin. 

Kypwell's mission and challenge is to "reconnect people with nature, promote healthy confidence and a slower, more sustainable pace of life".

We like that very much here at Origins of Beauty 'Guilt Free Beauty and Wellbeing'®


Lena Wild Harmony Bloom Oil

Lena Wild Harmony Bloom Oil. Natural Organic Plant-based Vegan and Cruelty Free


Next is the amazing Lena Wild Harmony Bloom Oil.

In co-founder Yelena's own words : "This is the time to treat yourself, honour your skin and express your gratitude for it. Slow down and breathe deep, as you would if you were walking through a wild forest"

A Beauty Shortlist winner, this is a truly beautiful oil that is a pleasure to use which renders fantastic and visible results packed with 'plant powered goodness' as described by The Ecological.

It is suitable for all skin types and works wonders for imbalanced and spot prone skin too.

We were lucky enough to introduce this exquisite face oil to customers who had treatments at the Charity Wellness Event held at the Dobson's Showroom in November 2019. They were very impressed with the softness and brightening effect Harmony Bloom Oil had on their skin along with Lena Wild Harmony Rescue Mask. These 2 products compliment each other immensely and work to balance and harmonise your skin. 

Harmony Bloom Oil is a nutrient rich formula made with a blend of organic plant oils such as Sea Buckthorn, Cranberry and Blackcurrant and CO2 extracted Nordic berries. It's 100% natural and 96% organic.

Lena Wild products are housed in glass bottles and their outer boxes are made with left over cotton from the fashion industry, so no trees were harmed in making the boxes. 


Ethically Organic Radiance Glow Souffle

Ethically Organic Radiance Glow Gift Set Natural Organic Plant-based Vegan and Cruelty Free

Out third pick is Ethically Organic Radiance Glow Souffle which is featured here in a gift set with Radiance Glow Face Oil

A beautifully rich and nourishing mild scented face cream that hydrates and brightens your skin and also forms a protective barrier on your skin whilst allowing it to breathe. It contains Baobab Oil which helps to combat the early signs of ageing due to its inflammatory properties and its effectiveness at stimulating collagen production within the skin.

Ethically Organic's formulations are hand made, ultra concentrated, undiluted formulations with no added water and packed full with vitamins and omegas. A little really does go a long way with all Ethically Organic products.

To minimise their carbon footprint, Ethically Organic source their ingredients from UK suppliers and have kept plastic to an absolute minimum. They do not use outer packaging for their products. 




Nailberry 12 Free From Breathable Nail Varnish Vegan Gluten Free Halal Certified & Cruelty Free


"Colour you nails healthy with Nailberry"

Nailberry are 12 Free From, Toxin Free, Breathable, Vegan, Halal Certified, Gluten Free and Cruelty Free nail varnishes with no compromise on colour, shine and quality.

Their patented oxygenated and water permeable formula is tried, tested and trusted and loved all over the world!  Easy to apply and quick to dry, you can achieve a Gel finish look and even more shine with their Shine and Breathe Top Coat



Ilāpothecary Beat the Blues Room Spray


Ilapothecary Beat the Blues Room Spray Natural Organic Plant-based Vegan and Cruelty Free


Last but by no means the least is Ilāpothecary Beat the Blues Room Spray. This product has been beyond popular over the Christmas period since being featured by Actress Demi Moore in Harper's Bazaar #GoToBedWithMe podcast.

In the video, Demi Moore featured products she uses in her nightly skincare routine.  Also featured in her video was Ilapothecary Vitamins A C D & E Face Oil for which we are proudly listed in Harper's Bazaar Online as one of the retailers to purchase this exquisite face oil from. 

Beat the Blues Room Spray is a room spray with powerful essential oils to help lift emotions. It creates a peaceful and uplifting space with no more than a couple of sprays as it's beautiful scent lingers for a long time. Use in any room, in the car, on curtains, pillows, drawers and wardrobes too!


All products featured in this Blog are formulated with a combination of Natural and Organic ingredients. They are also Cruelty Free and suitable for Vegans.

So have we tempted you to try any of these amazing Vegan and Cruelty Free products? 

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