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Origins of Beauty is participating in the #ShopEthicalInstead Campaign with @The Ethical Hour and we were one of many proud sponsors of this week's Twitter Chat.

You are probably wondering what does "Shop Ethical Instead" mean? 

Shopping Ethical Instead is better for people and planet.

Better for people because we wouldn't spend too much and by shopping with ethical brands we can be sure that workers rights are not infringed. 

Better for the planet because ethical brands are eco-conscious and try to ensure that there is minimal negative impact on the environment. 

According to The Ethical Hour, this is the time of the year when retailers are spending millions on ads to grab consumers attention and cause a spending frenzy.

Newsfeeds and emails are inundated with bargain deals and this year many retailers have started their sales from the beginning of Black Friday week!

We are now in the midst of the biggest spending marathon of the year and the UK alone will spend around £5.4bn – an average of £165 per household!

We in the UK have wasted a staggering £3.9bn on Black Friday purchases that we haven’t used or don’t even remember buying with only 43% of us returning items back to the retailer, resulting in items left redundant across the country or destined for landfill. These figures are shocking!

All this shopping frenzy is not only having a negative impact on our health and wellbeing but it is also a having a toxic impact on our planet.

The Ethical Hour says that a 2015 study found that "household consumption is responsible for more than 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions and as people prepare to start spending on more stuff they don’t need, it’s time for eco-conscious shoppers to raise awareness of the alternatives." 

This is why we must support the Shop Ethical Instead Campaign

It is a positive alternative to Black Friday and encourages people to support small, ethical businesses this holiday season as this is a really crucial time of the year for small businesses. Sales at this time of the year can account for between a third and nearly two-thirds of a retailer’s annual turnover.

In supporting small businesses, not only will you become part of the story and the dream, you will also be helping to boost communities too and will shape the future for the better.

Origins of Beauty is not offering huge discounts this Black Friday but only special deals and offers to our Subscribers. So if you are not already a Subscriber, do subscribe to our email Newsletter to take advantage of our 'Shop Ethical Instead' deals. 

So this Black Friday, Shop Ethical Instead and indulge in 'Guilt Free Beauty and Wellbeing' derived from nature's own ingredients, the Origins of Beauty


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