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Conscious Skincare



We are so thrilled to add Conscious Skincare to our collection of esteemed ethical brands!

This clean, handcrafted, natural, organic, vegan, ethical and eco-conscious brand was developed by Rebecca Martin (pictured above) in 2013.  Rebecca took on the admirable task of formulating a range of skincare effective enough to treat her dry skin condition brought on by hypothyroidism. She found that the mainstream products were not rich enough to relieve her condition.

When Rebecca'spartner, Quentin, developed chemical sensitivity and was hospitalised due to a severe allergic reaction, this prompted Rebecca to focus her attention even more on ingredients and the toxins around us. 

The ingredients used in Conscious Skincare products are ethically and sustainably sourced and all products are handmade in the UK.

Rebecca has chosen not to house the recyclable bottles in cartons in order to avoid unnecessary waste. 

Conscious Skincare is a brand that has been setting the standards for other brands to follow before clean and ethical beauty started to become mainstream. 

We are proud to be stockists of Conscious Skincare. 






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